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New on 7/22/11 
Curious about pricing for my 3 newest patterns?  Here is what I priced them at:
#665 ~ Mr. Sparkles ~ Small $7.50 & Large $12.50
#670 ~ Angels Light the Way - $12.95 holding taper candle & $10 holding a tealight
#675 ~ Frosty Bite ~ $8.95
New on 9/17/10 
Looking for a variation on #650 Snow Head Nodder???  Instead of using the moss ribbon, try using the new "cluster pine candle ring".   
New on 8/20/10
 Wondering what to charge for the Vintage Christmas Icicles and the Snow-Head Nodder at your craft shows?  I did test them out at the craft show this past July and they sold great.
I sold individual icicles for $1.50 and the set of 3 for $3.95.  The Snow-Head Nodder sold for $10.  Both sold great even in July, so I'm thinking they will be a huge hit this fall!!
New on 5/21/10
Here is a new idea using the snowman from my pattern #610.  Add him to my new 6" x 6" wooden shadow box along with a 12" tree decorated with rice lights (green cord), red pip berries,
 spanish moss and a 1-3/4" rusty star as the topper.  With a bit of spanish moss as a filler and some mica flakes and/or glass glitter for a bit of a shimmer, a new masterpiece is created!!  I've even created a new sign for him to hold - see my vintage images section!!

New on 2/25/08

On my pattern #575 Vintage Snowman Hat, try a vintage image instead of the saying.  I have added 5 different images to my website that I have used on these hats.  (Print the images on regular white paper. Rip the piece of dyed osnaburg 3"x4" and follow the same directions that are in the pattern.  I also used a sprig of my "Red Pip Berry Garland with Pine & Rusty Stars" on the side of the hat.  I left out the rusty star becasue i didn't think the hat needed it...I will just use those for another project.)


New on 1/20/08

 I have just added two new patterns.  The Spring Thyme Bunny is new for 2008 shows - but sure to be a hit!! 

In "Winter Wonderland" - I have had at one time or another all three items at shows and they have all sold great!  I packaged the hat in a small cello/polly bag with a bag topper which made it a perfect gift (and prevented the tea light from falling out!)  I charged $6.00.  The Dove is very simple to make (no stuffing required) and sold for $4.00.  The Candy Canes were great sellers last year.  With no sewing involved, you can whip up a bunch of these for your shows!!  The larger size sold for $3.50 (didn't have the smaller size at shows).   

New on 9/23/07

I am so excited about the 6 new patterns that I just came out with!!!

I tested most of them out at our most recent show on 9/15/07.  However, it was an outside show and it rained most of the day.....but the sun did come out when we packed up to leave!!!  Since it was raining the turnout was not like it usually would be, so figuring out the best sellers was kinda difficult.  Stating that, this is what I noticed at that show.  

I sold all that I brought of the "Kris Kringle" santa ornie - he was so easy to make that I only charged $7.50 for him. 

I also sold quite a few of "The Witch Is In" witch hats - people really like the sayings on the front and back of them.  I sold them for $6.00.

The "Melting Wicked Witch" also sold - I heard quite a few people comment on how unique it was!!  I am so proud of my 11 year old step-daughter, Hayley for coming up with that idea!!  She was selling for $6.95.

I have now had the "Vintage Snowman Hat" for two shows....I sold out of them at the first show and sold quite a few of them at the rainy day event the other weekend!!  This one is a great size and people really like the saying on the front.  (You can also use that saying and technique to apply it on the #555 Gift Card Ornie.  That was a different option on that snowman ornie last year...and people loved it!!)  The snowman hat sold for $8.95 and the snowman ornie sold for $7.00.

"The Gingerbread Man" is so adorable.  People liked that he even smelled great too!!!  (For more scent, spray him with a gingerbread scent!!)  He sold for $6.50.

And finally, the "Elf Shoes".  Unfortunately I didn't have any made up for the show, but I know they will be a top seller in November!!!!  They are quite different and people really like that kind of stuff!!  Once I make a full batch of them, I will let you know what I am going to charge...but I'm thinking it will be between $11 - $13. 

I don't know about you, but it seems like 2006 just flew by!!  I can't believe it is actually 2007. 

The shows last fall were a HUGE success.  I am already excited to see what this year will bring!!

Here are some of the most popular designs for this past year.

The Gift Card Ornie was a huge hit!!  He is designed to hold your favorite gift card.  What better way to give a gift card.....  Priced at $7.00 each, they won't last long!! 

The Ice Skates were very popular as well.  I didn't by any means have enough for the shows this past year, but will make sure I do for this next season.  They are different from the same old stuff....which people really liked.  I had them priced at $11.95 a pair.

"The Frosties" were very popular too.  There is really something about the sparkle of the German Glass Glitter that people really love!  They sold very well at $6.50 each. 

Both the Simple Santa ($8.50) and Oh, Snow Cute ($7.50) sold well.  Along with the Frosted Santa and Jack Frost - both priced at $6.95. 

As always, both Melt Away Max ($4.50) and Sam ($5.00) were show favorites.  They continue to be popular year after year.  


I've got a few more things in the works, so keep checking back for new patterns!!








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